Thank you for stopping by to see our farms located on the Tennessee / Kentucky state line…. up on the Highland  Rim where the air is clear and pure water is in abundance.

We specialize in organic and non-GMO fed rare breed and purebred livestock.  Our chickens are pure French Black Copper Marans, our turkeys are Bourbon Red, our dairy goats are Nigerian Dwarf, and our sheep are “Olde English” Southdown Babydoll.

Please come in, sit a spell, explore the site and let us know if you have questions about our operation!  We’d be happy to hear from you….

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. I am interested in buying 3 copper maran pullets. I am located in Nashville in the Rivergate area close to Hendersonville. Do you have any for sale ? Thank you for your time and consideration. Sandy Marzette.


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