Chicks & Pullets

Rare Heritage Breed: French Black Copper Marans chickens

Chick 1 CLOur French Black Copper Marans (FBCM) are organically raised on Certified Organic Feed & tractor-pastured on natural fields that have never been chemically treated. These newborn chicks have been started on Certified Organic Chick Starter, and water with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar added.

We raise 100% FBCM chickens exclusively — there is no possibility of cross-breed eggs or chicks.

All of our animals drink filtered spring water (i.e. no water from municipal sources treated with chemicals and fluoride).

Chick 2 Side CLNo chicken is ever treated with medicine of any kind (no medicated feed, no antibiotics, no chemical dewormers).

This is a closed flock and we practice strict bio-security on our farm. Because of our bio-security we will need to meet you at an agreed location, and are in Westmoreland, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Scottsville, and Bowling Green frequently.


Chicks for Sale!  Hatches start 3/30/17 $10 each, straight run.  Taking reservations now!

Chick 1 month feathering CL1 Month old Pullets  available 4/30/17 ($25 each)

2 Month old Pullets available 5/30/17 ($40 each)

3 Month old Pullets available 6/30/17 ($50 each)

4 Month old Pullets  available 7/30/17 ($60 each)

Roosters (gorgeous!) are available for $35 each

To order your chicks and pullets, please fill out the contact info below!