Our Turkeys

Entire flock is for sale due to health reasons. Fire sale prices:

5 Breeding Trios: 2 hens, 1 Tom $200 each (normally $300)

5 Toms – $90 each (normally $150)

18 Hens – $60 each (normally $100)

CL Tom 2 060715Our Bourbon Red Turkeys are a heritage breed and organically raised on Certified Organic and Non-GMO Soy Free Feed & tractor-pastured on natural fields that have never been chemically treated.

We raise 100% Bourbon Red turkeys exclusively — there is no possibility of cross-breed eggs.

All of our animals drink filtered spring water (i.e. no water from municipal sources treated with chemicals and fluoride).

CL Tom and Hen 060715The tractoring pen is netted on top to prevent breeding with wild turkeys.

The turkey tractor path never crosses with previous chicken areas to prevent blackhead.

No turkey is ever treated with medicine of any kind (no medicated feed, no antibiotics, no chemical dewormers).

CL Poult with LauraWe have never lost a turkey poult (baby) after hatch to any illness, weakness, or mal-formation. These are hale and hearty birds.

All of our turkeys have been lovingly raised and handled extensively resulting in an extremely laid-back, friendly, and docile temperament.

EggsEggs are not cleaned beyond wiping with a dry cloth to remove feathers and pine shavings. This prevents the egg being contaminated by removing the bloom.

This is a closed flock and we practice strict bio-security on our farm.


CL Toms and Hens 060715

Our “table ” tom turkeys have dressed out to 16 – 20 pounds at 9 months of age.  We get our processing done at a USDA certified organic processing operation in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  It is unbelievable the layer of fat on these birds!  After a lifetime of eating blah store turkeys, having an organic heritage bird on our table is astounding!

CL Poult 1

We generally have fertilized eggs and poults available throughout the year.  Contact us for more information!