French Black Copper Marans

Flock1Our rare, heritage breed French Black Copper Marans (FBCM) chickens are organically raised on Certified Organic Feed & tractor-pastured on natural fields that have never been chemically treated.

We raise 100% FBCM chickens exclusively –there is no possibility of cross-breed eggs.

Roos2French Black Copper Marans are one of the rarest chicken breeds due to import bans.  They lay a deep dark chocolate egg that is known at the “James Bond” egg.  Their eggs are prized by French chefs for both quality and color.  All of our flock and chicks have the lightly feather legs which are the mark of a true FBCM.

All of our animals drink filtered spring water (i.e. no water from municipal sources treated with chemicals and fluoride).

EggsNo chicken is ever treated with medicine of any kind (no medicated feed, no antibiotics, no chemical dewormers).

Eggs are not cleaned beyond wiping with a dry cloth to remove feathers and pine shavings. This prevents the egg being contaminated by removing the bloom.

Roos1This is a closed flock and we practice strict bio-security on our farm. Because of our bio-security, we would prefer to deliver the eggs.

PS: Some people spell it Maran but it is correctly spelled Marans :).

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