Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are available on sale right now for only $5 each (normally $9)!  Baby Poults are also available!

EggsOur heritage breed Bourbon Red Turkeys are organically raised on Non-GMO Soy Free Feed (and Organically Certified Feed when available) & tractor-pastured on natural fields that have never been chemically treated. These babies have been started on 100% Certified Organic Feed.

The tractoring pen is netted on top to prevent breeding with wild turkeys. We also raise 100% Bourbon Red turkeys exclusively — there is no possibility of cross-bred eggs.

CL Poult with LauraAll of our animals drink filtered spring water (i.e. no water from municipal sources treated with chemicals and fluoride).

The turkey tractor path never crosses with previous chicken areas to prevent blackhead.

No turkey is ever treated with medicine of any kind (no medicated feed, no antibiotics, no chemical dewormers).

CL Toms and Hens 060715All of our turkeys have been lovingly raised and handled extensively resulting in an extremely laid-back, friendly, and docile temperament.

This is a closed flock and we practice strict bio-security on our farm. Because of our bio-security, we would prefer to deliver the Poults.

Eggs may be picked up in Westmoreland daily, as well as the following locations:
Gallatin and Hendersonville: By appointment Tuesday and Thursday
Scottsville: Monday — Sunday by appointment
Bowling Green: Saturday by appointment

CL Poult 1Bourbon Red Turkeys are still listed as “watch” by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, entailing that there are fewer than 5000 breeding birds in the U.S. Slaughter age is typically 28 weeks. We have our “table toms” processed at a certified organic processing facility in Bowling Green. We are so lucky to have this facility in our area!