EMERGENCY HERD SALE – MUST SELL ALL ASAP. First come, first served.

Click here for a list of acronyms and abbreviations you will see in the below pedigrees.

Chioke_RightSide_5yrsLittle Tots Estate Chioke – $900 $800 Pending Sale

  • ADGA Registered
  • DOB 2/29/12
  • Black, grey and white w/roaning
  • Blue Eyes
  • 4 X Best in Class in 2017
  • Proven Herdsire.
  • Throws very solid, large, healthy and correct kids – many with moonspots, blue eyes and roaning
  • Very loving and gentle temperament.
  • Super easy to handle either in the show rings or around the farm.
  • Sire: MCH AR Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B
    • SS: Willow Creek Luzin Streak
    • SD: Woodhaven Farms Zesta
  • Dam: SM3Pines Ziva
    • DS: CH SM3Pines CRE Wizard *B (4 X GCH)
    • DD: Pocket Sized PRTN Soon2BSummer

Bomba 2Little Tot’s Estate Bomba Tango – $850 $750 Fire sale price: $500

  • ADGA Registered
  • DOB: 9/1/17
  • Picture is at only 11 months old
  • Gold w/white markings
  • Proven Herdsire
  • Extremely sweet and loving – we raised him as a bottle baby.
  • Look at this gorgeous boy’s pedigree OMG! Selling for substantially less than we paid for him.
  • We owned his twin sister and she just First Freshened with a gorgeous show udder!
  • Sire: Buffalo Clover Tango
    • SS: CH/MCH/PGCH AR Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B +S (LA:91 EEE) (6 x Best of Breed, 2 x Best In Show)
    • SD: Bluebonnet Farm Molly
  • Dam: GCH Little Tots Estate Erics Abby 3*M (LA: 89 VVEV)  (3 X GCH Sr Doe)
    • DS: AR Caesar’s Villa LV Eric +B
    • DD: SGCH/PGCH Little Tots Estate Abutilon 2*M (LA 87 ++VV) (1 X JR CH, 1 X Best Jr In Show, 3 X GR CH, 4 X BEST UDDER, 1 X Best Sr Doe In Show, 17 X Best Of Breed)

Trinitas 1Sinai Thunder O Trinitas – $850 $800 Fire sale price: $500

  • ADGA Registered
  • DOB: 9/30/17
  • Picture is at only 10 months old
  • Black w/white markings
  • Proven Herdsire
  • Sire: Cedar View Olivero +*B +*S (VG88.5)(LA: 88 VEV); ELITE Buck
    • SS:  Cedar View Josephus *B (LA: 85 +EV)
    • SD:  SGCH AR Cedar View Isabella 4*M 4*D (LA: 91 EEEE) ADGA Elite Doe (99% PE), ANDDA Total Performer Doe, 2015 Platinum Doe
  • Dam: Sinai Thunder Holy Trinity
    • DS: GCH/MCH AR Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras +*B +*S (LA: 88 VVE)
    • DD: AR Sinai Thunder SS Faith 2*M 2*D (LA: 86 VVEV

Aces LS 3Ballylara BJ Ace of Hearts – Sold

DOB: 9/20/18

Chocolate and white

Blue Eyes

Sire: Faithful w/Little GE Blackjack
SS: Jasper Pines HG Genesis
SD: NC Promisedland Sharp Sudoku

DamAR CapraKoza BT Aquamarine 4*M 2*D
DS: AR Flat Rocks Blue Topaz +S +B
DD: SG AR Little Tot’s Estate Allamanda 3*M *D  (LA: 91 EEEE)

Ace HS 7Our little blue eyed boy Ace knows no strangers!  He is such an active and happy boy.  Both of his parents are 2 of our most laid-back goats so it was amazing to see Ace zipping around giving his momma Aquamarine even more grey hairs!

Ace has the gorgeous chocolate coat from daddy Blackjack, and piercing blue eyes and even some roaning from momma Aquamarine.  With such fabulous genetics (CapraKoza, NC Promisedland, Flat Rocks, Little Tot’s Estate, and Jasper Pines!!!!!)  he is destined to make an incredible herdsire for a lucky herd!  Due to the emergency herd liquidation he is priced at only $600 instead of $850 which this pedigree would normally be.

Click here for a list of acronyms and abbreviations you will see in the above pedigrees!


Reference Bucks

Benneli 5Sinai Thunder O Benelli *B *S – Sold

  • AGS & ADGA Registered
  • DOB 11/9/2016
  • Black with tan moonspots and tan feathered dorsal stripe
  • Sire: Cedar View Olivero +*B +*S (VG88.5)(LA: 88 VEV)
    • SS:  Cedar View Josephus *B (LA: 85 +EV)
    • SD:  SGCH AR Cedar View Isabella 4*M 4*D (LA: 91 EEEE) ADGA Elite Doe (99% PE), ANDDA Total Performer Doe, 2015 Platinum Doe
  • Dam: AR CapraKoza SG Guns n’ Roses 1*M 1*D (LA: 90 VEEE), 2016 AGS Nat’l Top 10 305 Day Test (all 3 categories), 5.9# High on Milk Test Day, Milked 1100#+ in 305 Days, ANDDA 2013 Sue Rucker SILVER JuJu Award (64#), 2014 GOLD (71#)
    • DS: PGCH/CH AR Brush Creek Smokin’ Gun +S +B
    • DD: Fall Creek RC Rambling Rose

Blackjack Right Side 20178014Faithful w/Little GE Blackjack – Sold

  • AGS & ADGA Registered
  • DOB 5/27/2016 – Triplet
  • Chocolate with white star
  • Sire: Jasper Pines HG Genesis
    • SS: Rosasharn MW Handsome Guy *B
    • SD: Jasper Pine SHH Top It Off (LA: 87 VEE+)
  • Dam: NC Promisedland Sharp Sudoku
    • DS: GCH AR Caesar’s Villa STS Sharpie +B *S (LA: 86 V+V)
    • DD: SG AR NC PromisedLand Beau Puzzle 2*M (LA: 88 VEEV)

Armando RS 6Ballylara FI Armando – $750 – Sold

  • ADGA Registered
  • DOB: 3/30/18
  • Blue Eyes, Polled
  • Broken buckskin with extensive white
  • Weaning Date: 5/25/18
  • Sire: Tyger River’s PH Fiddler
    SS: Dill’s BJ Panhandler *B
    SD: Tyger River’s Moca J (LA: 90 VEEE)Dam: Cedar View Mama Mia!
          DS:  Cedar View Ceasario *B  (LA: 89 VEV)
    DD:  GCH AR Little Tots Estate Paeonia 1*M (LA: 90 VVEE)

Abraham_LeftSide_6mosSinai Thunder AD Abraham *B *S – Sold

  • AGS & ADGA Registered
  • DOB 4/17/2017
  • Buckskin with white markings
  • 5 X Best in Class as a Junior in 2017
  • Sire: Sinai Thunder V Angus Dei +*B +*S (Classification 89.2VG)
    • SS: Sycamore SS Peg Valor *B
    • SD: SG AR Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M (LA: 89 VEEV)
  • Dam: AR Sinai Thunder ASH Serendipity 2*M 2*D (Classification 90.6E)(LA: 87 VEEV)
    • DS: Sinai Thunder AG Asher *B (LA: 87 VVV)
    • DD: SGCH AR Lost Valley TB Dipp’n Dots 1*M (LA: 90 VEEE)

Fiddler 1Tyger River’s PH Fiddler – Sold

  • ADGA Registered
  • DOB: 2/25/17
  • Chamoise w/white markings
  • Blue Eyes
  • Sire: Dill’s BJ Panhandler *B
    • SS: SG AR Dill’s TS Banjo +*B (LA: 84 +VV) ELITE Buck
    • SD: AR Dill’s XM Pantastic 2*M (LA: 89 VEEE)
  • Dam: Tyger River’s Moca J (LA: 90 VEEE)
    • DS: 5 Cedars W-P Gold Buster
    • DD: 5Cedars Moon Jumper

Hamlet 11Cedar View Hamlet – Sold

  • ADGA Registered
  • DOB 3/27/2017
  • White with red gold markings
  • 1 x Reserve Junior Champion in 2017
  • Sire:  Cedar View Klaus *B
    • SS:  SG AR Cedar View Fabrizio +*B
    • SD: GCH AR Little Tots Estate Cassia 3*M
  • Dam:  AR Cedar View Dahlia 3*M (LA: 90 VEVE)
    • DS:  SGCH/MCH/PGCH AR Little Tot’s Estate Thalictrum +B, ELITE Buck
    • DD: AR Double Durango Oreo 2*M (LA 91: EEEE)

Gucci 1Ballylara BJ Guccio Gucci – Sold

  • AGS & ADGA Registered
  • DOB 4/24/2017 – Triplet
  • Chocolate with random white markings, white poll, frosted ears, white tail tip
  • Blue Eyes
  • Sire: Faithful w/Little GE Blackjack
  • Dam: Ballylara Macy Full O Spice


Capn Morgan 3Ballylara BB Captain Morgan  – Sold

  • ADGA Registered
  • DOB 3/16/2017
  • Striking tri-color Chamoise
  • Sire: Ballylara Bamm Bamm
    • SS: Cup of Joe Totes My Goat
    • SD: JBF Ginger
  • Dam: BlueEyedKarma Lily
    • DS: Mini-Lisha Farm Spartagus
    • DD: Mini-Lisha Farm Trinity

Ballylara Bamm Bamm

Bamm 6

  • AGS Registered
  • Sire: Cup of Jo Totes My Goat (“Herman”)
  • Dam: JBF Ginger
  • DOB 5/29/2015
  • Blue eyes
  • Red, chocolate brown, and white with white poll and ear frosting

Cup of Joe Totes My Goat (“Herman”)  Herman 6

  • AGS Registered
  • Sire: Pecan Hollow S Cheesecake
  • Dam: Dixie Blossum MOC Loretta Lynn
  • DOB 2/9/2013
  • Blue eyes
  • Gold and Chocolate brown with white moonspot

 JBF Gilligan – Deceased

(COD: Interstitial Pneumonia from breeding stress coupled with rapid temperature change and rain event after 2 month  drought.  RIP our sweet sweet baby Gillie)Gilligan 5
  • AGS Registered
  • Sire: Flat Rocks Elvish Impersonator
  • Dam: JBF Lotti Da
  • DOB 6/2/2014
  • Black and white

Ballylara BeBe Bumbles Bounce


  • AGS Registered
  • Sire: JBF Gilligan
  • Dam: Ballylara Bambi
  • DOB 4/17/2016
  • Rare: Pure White